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We are losing the ability to speak openly about the fundamental aspects of our lives such as love and joy, beauty and goodness, or hatred and greed, anger and vanity...The Irish poet and Nobel Laurete, Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) summarized the problem succintly: 'The biggest change in my lifetime has been the evaporation of the transcendent from all our discourse.'

In the Christian tradition, the ultimate transcendent reality that people experience is grace, the action of God in the world...

The language of grace is universal and everyone can learn to speak it, whether or not they have a formal religious faith. Grace is at work in everybody's life, irrespective of their creed, and many people who call themselves spiritual but not religious are often looking for their own version of the language of grace. 

The challenge is to revitalize the language of transcendence for our present time.

This book is offered to those who want to explore how grace can be a living language.

- Christopher Jamison, OSB

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"As an autistic priest and missionary to the autism community, Fr. Matthew Schneider shares insights on communicating with God in a way comfortable for the autistic mind. God Loves the Autistic Mind is filled with inspiring accounts of autistics' journeys of faith. Fr. Matthew provides fifty-two devotions to enrich our faith and communion with God. As a theologian and minister with autism, I highly recommend God Loves the Autistic Mind to those who desire an intimate relationship with the Father and have a passion for inclusion."


Ron Sandison

(Author of Views from the Spectrum and founder of Spectrum Inclusion)

ATYW cover.jpg

A truly beautiful book that helps one reflect on the greatest events in the history of human salvation. From the Annunciation to the Glorious Coronation of Mary in Heaven, Bishop Keenan helps us to pray and meditate on the life of Jesus through the mysteries of the Rosary. The reflections are paired with the magnificent icons of the mysteries by Fr Marco Rupnik SJ. The captivating icons bring alive these sacred truths. The book sensitively invites us to open our minds and hearts to the life-changing invitations of the Gospel. 



Tom Wright presents a collection of short passages that have been organised to encourage readers to reflect more deeply on what God's kingdom coming on earth as in heaven might look like, through the lens of Easter. Why Easter? Because Jesus's resurrection is the starting point for every day, week, month, and year

of Christian living.

Using "signposts" such as beauty, power, justice, truth, love, this book invites the reader to a new experience of time, within that of the Liturgical seasons. The signposts point in new and deeper ways to the reality of God's new world, the Easter reality, and the consequent renewal of human life.




“Where and how do you find peace in your daily life?”

In this book well known individuals including TV presenter Miriam O’Callaghan, ex-rugby player Johnny Sexton, actor Tommy Tiernan, and women’s health advocate Vicky Phelan among many others, give us a glimpse of the space they create to find that so desired inner peace. Each individual has something different to offer. The material here is diverse and wide-ranging. All the contributions are a testament to an inner life that needs to be sustained, especially in times of crisis. Sr Stan gathered these writings to help people understand what others do and how they bring peace into their lives every day and thus encourage all those longing for it.



If any book beautifully captures the words of Scriptures in Jeremiah 1:5 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you', it is this one.

In a simple child-friendly language, Frank Fraser demonstrates the importance and place of each person in the universe. It equally emphasises God's love for each one of his children. Fraser couples his very relevant message with stunning illustrations! It is definitely a lovely gift book!



This book retells traditional and modern stories from different parts of the world. The values explored include establishing good relationships, treating others well, perseverance, responding to bullying, team-working, and many other society and Christian values. It includes interactive elements which work alongside the stories to encourage children to think, engage, and make connections with their lives.

The book also includes optional links to Bible references and pause moments to think about situations and others with God.

It is a perfect gift book for a child! As the child explores the setting, characters, and situation in these stories, thinking about how they would react in the same situation, he or she develops empathy and respect for others. 


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