These remarkable stories transport us to places all over the world, including a convent garage in Ohio, where Mother Angelica founded the largest religious television network in the world; inside the walls of the Vatican, where Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, ‘The Scarlett Pimpernel of the Vatican’, evaded the snare of a Gestapo colonel; the depths of the Bolivian jungle where Father Joe Walijewski helped build an entire city; and a church in Dublin where Matt Talbot quietly made his daily pilgrimage.

In It’s Personal, Fr. Mike Schmitz takes Catholics on a journey to uncover the simplicity and beauty of prayer.  Learning and applying the easy steps found in the booklet can help each person grow deeper in relationship with God.

Encounter God’s love while learning about:

What Scripture says about the ideal relationship with God

Why prayer is so important for that relationship

How to pray, even when it’s difficult

Tips for personal prayer


In this Curious Catholic booklet, Fr. Mike Schmitz shows Catholics that enduring hope and trust is just as possible today as it was for the first disciples.

In Untroubled by the Unknown, readers will learn:

  • What hope and trust really are

  • 3 ways hardships can actually help to deepen faith

  • How to face the unknown without fear

  • Why mercy is the key to understanding trust in God

  • How to surrender one’s own plans and trust in God’s plan

For more than 2000 years the people of St Kilda remained remote from the world. Its society was viable, even Utopian; but in the nineteenth century the island was discovered by missionaries, do-gooders and tourists, who brought money, disease and despotism. St Kildan culture gradually disintegrated and in 1930 the few remaining islanders asked to be evacuated. The destruction of the St Kildan culture is a microcosm of a process which is still taking place, often on a much larger scale, all over the world. Island on the Edge of the World is a moving account of human endeavour, of success and failure in the unending struggle between man and nature for coexistence. ‘What the St Kildan story, as told by Maclean, did for me was to reawaken my awe at the strangeness of the world.’

In the digital age, it is practically impossible to avoid lurid headlines or hot-off-the-press scandals. When these scandals involve the Church, it raises questions for many about what it means for people of faith. Christopher R Altieri, a veteran journalist and Vatican expert, offers insight into how the news is made, how to spot clickbait and “fake news”, and how to discover the real stories behind the shocking headlines. Through a series of recollections from a career in covering the Vatican beat, he offers insight into how he can write about scandal and abuse – and how we can read about it – without losing faith in the promises of Christ

Emanating from the Irish Church but with contributions from leading scholars in the UK, US, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands and Australia, this book of fifteen essays provides:

  • An introduction to the meaning of synodality and its rich foundations within the Catholic tradition

  • Makes the case for synodality as “that which God expects of the Church of the third millennium” (Pope Francis)

  • Argues that failure to embrace the synodal path is not an option if the Church is to have any meaningful role to play in the third millennium.

In this book, Cardinal Sarah confronts some of the most burning issues facing the priesthood and Christian life in general, while also presenting a diagnosis of the lack of faith and zeal which has become so common among clergy and Catholics in general. He responds with an exhortation to move beyond ministry as mere work, but rather as a path of sanctification in which ongoing formation, the careful and dignified celebration of the liturgy and the ascetic life are fundamental to rediscovering the greatest good, which is the salvation of souls.

In This Beautiful Truth, Sarah Clarkson shares her own encounters with beauty in the midst of her decade-long struggle with mental illness, depression, and doubt. In a voice both vulnerable and reflective, she paints a compelling picture of the God who reaches out to us in a real and powerful way through the "taste and see" goodness of what he has made and what he continues to create amid our darkness. "To recognize and trust God's gift in pain," she writes, "empowers us to create and love as powerful witnesses to God's healing love in a hopeless world."
If you want to renew your capacity to recognize and encounter God's beauty in your life, this hope-filled book will show you the way.