Explosion of Joy

This picture of Simeon cradling the Christ child in his arms makes me think of how it must be for every Grandparent that takes their Grandchild in their arms for the first time.

As we celebrated the second Feast Day for Grandparents and Elderly on Sunday 24th July Pope Francis left for Canada and held the 'Angelus' on the plane with around 80 journalists and writers. He reminded them that it is from our Grandparents we learn our customs and traditions and our family history. He then urged young people to stay in contact with their grandparents, "comparing this practice to a “tree that takes strength from the roots and carries it forward in flowers and fruits.”

That same day he tweeted

Dear #GrandparentsandElderly, we are called to be artisans of the revolution of tenderness!

I was immediately drawn to the word Artisan and thought about it in the context of grandchildren.


noun a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

And how are Grandparents supposed to do this? Firstly through prayer. Being guided by the Holy Spirit, Grandparents are called to be part of the a Grandchild's life by helping to mould them, guide them, and most especially cover them in tenderness.

Pope Francis uses the word revolution of tenderness. In other words our world no longer knows what tenderness is and it is up to them to go against the current and bring as much tenderness into this world as possible. In this way the fruit from the tree will be flourishing flowers and fruits that hopefully by osmosis, will spread this revolution of tenderness.

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