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This statue represents Mary carrying out her proper role: giving Jesus to the world. She is not holding Jesus tightly to herself, but offering him as light to all who pass by. He carries the scroll of the gospel, the Word of life. With his right hand he is gesturing with two fingers; in the first centuries this indicated not so much a blessing as the authority of the teacher who explains wisdom. “ And what must you accomplish in the world by representing Mary, by imitating Mary? First, interior holiness, and then after, giving Jesus to the world”. Fr James Alberione

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From the Annunciation, when Mary received God’s invitation to become mother of his Son, to her glorious coronation in Heaven, we follow the story of our redemption and future hope. Mary is our sure guide on this journey. Let us walk with her as we faithfully follow Jesus on our own path of joys and trials, offering up our prayers and supplication for our world and those we hold dear.

As we reflect on the life of Jesus through the mysteries of the rosary, Bishop John Keenan sensitively invites us to ponder these sacred truths and turn our hearts and minds to the life-changing lessons of the Gospel. Paired with the beautiful icons of Fr Marco Rupnik SJ, we can immerse our thoughts in a vivid depiction of spiritual lessons that touch our own lives and make real the divine narrative of God-with-us.

If you've ever wondered what devotion to Mary is all about, you'll treasure this one-of-a-kind, popular glimpse into the early Church's life, doctrine, and devotion to Our Lady. Through lively stories, teachings of the Church fathers, and evidence from ancient archaeology, the authors invite you to enter the fascinating world of the early Christians, giving you an imaginative glimpse into how they demonstrated their love for Mary through their prayers, art, and daily life. Along the way, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Mary's role in your own life and that of the Church today.

"So, whether you’re a Christian who has always wondered what the Bible actually teaches about Mary;whether you’re a Jew or a Muslim who is curious to learn more about the mother of Jesus; whether you’re an agnostic or an atheist interested in the Jewish origins of Christianity—whatever your religious background or worldview—I invite you to come along with me on this journey and try to see the mother of Jesus through ancient Jewish eyes.


I promise that, whoever you are, you are going to encounter new insights into the most influential woman in all of history. You might even discover why she is more than just the mother of Jesus, why ancient Christians called her the “mother of all the living” (cf. Genesis 3:22). Above all, I hope you’ll find that the more deeply you understand Mary, the better you’ll understand Jesus himself."

Brant Petrie